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How do we leverage our big-name parent companies while also blazing our own brand trail?

The challenge: Create a full brand in the digital healthcare industry from scratch ( brand strategy, naming, design, tagline, splash page) for a joint-venture diabetic healthcare startup from two global brands with different needs; dozens of stakeholders; a new and incomplete leadership team; a global launch with limited budget; a sensitive, regulation-heavy industry; a short timeline.

We knew we needed to create a brand that was meaningful yet could also grow with whatever vision the new CEO would bring. The large hybrid team of many stakeholders knew they wanted to communicate “togetherness” and “progress”. We created the name Onduo (on [onwards, supported by] and duo [two, together, duet]) was meaningful, global, legally available, and looked great in design - plus, it was suggestive enough to grow with the company.

We sprinted strategy to align stakeholders from both parent companies on a strong, differentiated name and visual identity design that were ownable, friendly to diverse audiences, and distinct in a crowded market. We kept an ongoing relationship with Onduo to continue developing the brand and marketing strategy as they gained market space in the digital healthcare industry.

The name "Onduo" is coined from the words onward and duo, referring to the progress ("onward") that patients make when partnered ("duo") with always-present care. Because the name is coined, it was ownable, and the brand could build a story around it in marketing. But because of the familiarity of the word parts, "on" and "duo," it instantly suggests the brand's innate qualities, even without calling them out explicitly.  

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