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“Is it possible to get a global, legally-vetted name for our new app in under two weeks?”

Bytedance is a global technology company with numerous informational, educational, and inspirational content platforms, including the wildly popular app, Tik Tok.

HoW was asked to develop an on-brand English-language name that would appeal to their international audience both in meaning and pronunciation. After conducting a lite strategic analysis of the brand and the competitor space, we dove into an exhaustive naming sprint to create names that worked for all ages and languages but also that embodied the unique tone of this brand’s mission: to offer uplifting education and entertainment. With the challenge of finding names that met this project’s linguistic constraints and trademark availability, House of Who further widened creative exploration by playing with intuitively coined names, unusual ampersand lockups, and highly metaphorical and empty vessel names to really capture the spirit of the brand in a fresh, ownable, and memorable way.  

Given the worldwide presence of Bytedance’s entire portfolio, we developed a brand strategy and creative that was not only optimized for the global market in terms of linguistic viability but was also culturally and competitively relevant amongst its diverse demographics. We focused on presenting strategies and naming that differentiated the offering in excitingly fresh ways, but that connected back to Bytedance as the master brand while it continues to build out its presence and offerings on the global stage.

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