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Juniper Networks

“We have a super smart, experienced internal brand & naming team, but we’re small, manage a lot, and move fast. Do you do retainers?”

We’ve been working with the Juniper team for several years now as their brand and naming strategy agency of record. We’ve worked on projects from product naming and internal naming to brand positioning, messaging and look and feel at the product and brand level. Sometimes we do a more conventional project, carrying and managing the bulk of the naming work. Other times, we collaborate deeply, acting as an extension of the brand creative team. They get on-call, multi-skilled experts that know their business and brand intimately, and we can invest in team members and ways to grow their brand beyond a single engagement. Win-win!

Here's just one example of many:

Juniper asked House of Who for help naming their Automation Portfolio suite of products targeted at their Service Provider audience. The challenge was twofold: to find a name that fit several different parameters from a strategic perspective; and to work  with Juniper in a support role to their internal creative team, rather than as the strategic and creative leader.

After our creative team studied the key competitors in this brand space, we conducted a deep and wide naming exploration. Through two rounds of creative, we narrowed in on names that were strategically sound from every angle: the names would work within their current portfolio of products from a nomenclature perspective, they would also be uniquely creative in the marketplace, and they would be descriptive of the product’s functionality in order to speak to its key audience members. Finally, the name needed to also align with the key stakeholders that our  internal creative team was serving.

The best part? Because we're on retainer, we're already well-versed in Juniper's business and their brand. So there's  no need to burn the time or resources on a brand discovery phase - we just get together and go get it!

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