People-centric naming
for organizations moving at the speed of tech.

Focusing on people first leads to a brand naming process that is more efficient, effective, and engaging. Also, surprisingly fun.

Confidence, compassion, and calm are contagious. And so is stress. We believe that the way we do our work in the world matters just as much as the quality of the work itself. 

So when we do great work, it’s because we’ve built great relationships. And helped others build great relationships. Because when you feel good about how you got to the right name, brand, message, position, identity, you’ll also feel good about where you landed. That's what we do: People-centric brandwork, for people-centric brands.

Headquartered in the San Francisco Bay Area, House of Whooligans are masters of brand, language, identity, and human dynamics. We can also sing, dance, box, surf, act, climb, draw, play instruments, and hypnotize dogs. But we can talk about that when we meet.

We want to work with you too! If you’re nice.

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