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“We’re one of the largest tech companies in the world. We move super fast and work crazy smart. We need some extra brand brains and expertise – you in?”

We’ve been a go-to naming and brand strategy agency partner to many groups inside the Big G for many years now. From supporting their brand studio team with fast-turn name lists to leading product naming projects with product teams to supporting whole orgs with naming, nomenclature, positioning, messaging, and the guidelines to make it all real. We are excellent at navigating large, global brands with complex, siloed orgs and functions– and this relationship is no different.

Because Google is Google, we can't show you much. But we can tell you about the OP Chip project:

The challenge: How do you name a premium quality, consumer-facing computer processing chip designed for Google Chromebooks to compete against other manufacturer’s high-performance chips and to be differentiated from Google’s lower and mid-range chips?

Combining functionality with creativity, we developed a name that can live in two spaces at once: descriptively conveying its function and ranking to users yet also feeling friendly and ‘Googley.’

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