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“How do you make a legitimate, awesome, medical-grade product stand out as credible and cool and consumery in a sea of fraudulent “snake oil” competitors?”

Enchroma, a mission-driven company intent on destigmatizing color blindness, contained a unique blend of good fashion sense and proudly nerdy expertise in their field. We elevated both parts of the brand to show the world who they really were—the only people who make on-trend medical-grade color vision eyewear. Enchroma’s previous brand was not living up to the current media attention and cultural phenomenon they were experiencing as people began sharing the life changing stories of their products on social media.  

For a company producing products for color blind people, the brand didn't work people with the condition the product treated. Moiving from strategy to tone to look/feel to collateral and packaging executions, we collaborated with the marketing team to get the new brand off the ground. From planning a brand activation event for the full company to rewriting their customer service guidebook to solving urgent design needs, we became a part of the Enchroma family. Today, business at Enchroma is booming, and their viral product continues to change lives.

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