Brand practices companies often miss

From our decades of experience in the branding industry, here are a few takeaways about brand success that companies often forget about or overlook completely:

Brand success is all about being radically authentic

We’re talking don’t-over-think-it-just-be-real kind of authentic. You know: human. Not patronizing. Not sappy and overly divulgent. Just real. Customers can spot disingenuous brands from a mile away. Today, a brand’s willingness to be transparent and make a connection in an honest way is more valuable than a highly-polished image.

Brands need to be able to explain why they matter in 10 words or fewer.

Information overload plus a crowded marketplace means customers won’t take time to figure it out for themselves. Not enough brands can answer this question succinctly.

When possible, create a new category for your brand.

Too many companies try to crowd into the same exact space. If you can redefine the space itself, then you become the first to market there, which helps brands maintain a market leadership position indefinitely.

Don’t underestimate the internal behavioral aspect of your brand.

The way your employees treat customers, how you treat job candidates, and your internal culture speak just as loudly as a logo or slogan.

Always at least one person responsible for nurturing the brand.

Whether you’re a startup, SMB or an enterprise, it’s vital to have this specific responsibility delegated to the right person. Brands require constant management—and there are no shortcuts. Organizations mistakenly think the brand will "just get handled" by the marketing department, but this isn’t always the case.

A final thought. Your brand is successful when your customers can expect to receive a certain kind of experience every time they interact with you, and that experience is consistently reliable and positive on an ongoing basis. Implementing the above will get you on the path.

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