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Introducing House of Who, a woman-centric brand agency for entrepreneurs, startups, and global organizations.

Paving the way together.


For new organizations, or those looking for a rebrand. Get the full set of tools you need to maintain a profitable, differentiated brand. Includes full brand strategy platform, creative strategy, messaging, content strategy, naming, logo design, content creation, and brand activation strategy. Timing: 8-10 weeks. 


When you’re entering a crowded market—or creating an entirely new one—you need a roadmap to success. During strategy sprints, we tackle your biggest issues so you can go to market with confidence. Includes 1 workshop day, 2 presentations, and 1 standard brand strategy platform. Timing: 1 week. 


Already have your strategy in place, but stuck on choosing the perfect name? We’ll work with you to formulate a creative brief to guide the naming process, and then conduct a deep exploration of 200+ names. You’ll get a final shortlist of 3+ names to take through your legal counsel. Timing: 1 week.


There’s no substitute for a professionally designed brand identity. Together, we’ll formulate an airtight creative brief to guide the design process, and then do an exploration of 5+ concepts with 2 rounds of refinement. You’ll get a final logo file, including 1-2 alternative lockups. Timing: 1 week.


Additional Services



Want to bounce some ideas off of experts? Looking for guidance through the branding or naming process? Seeking a second opinion on your brand? Talk to us.

Custom Projects

We’re more than happy to customize projects according to your exact needs. Take a look at our full capabilities to get a sense of what we offer, and call us.


Case Studies



Learn how we helped rebuild the visual identity of a woman-led technology company that’s changing the face of the wireless deployment industry.


Sutro Wine Co.

Get a taste of how we told the beautiful brand story of a female vintner with a rich, family history in winemaking—and an even richer character.


How We Work

Here’s what to expect from your sprint with us.


We’ll schedule a chat, get all of the project background information, and send you a proposal and intake form. As soon as the digital ink is dry, we’ll hold an hourlong kickoff session to make introductions and ask questions. You’ll get a detailed project plan so you know what to expect and when. 


Depending on your project, we’ll either hold a workshop or work independently—or a little bit of both. We’ll be doing all the heavy lifting, but we’ll also ask you for any context we need to do the best-possible job. You’ll get regular project updates on the daily so you can see how the work is progressing.


We build in revisions into all of our sprint projects so you can be confident you’ll have work you can start socializing immediately. Once we finalize the work, you’ll get your new brand assets and our proprietary brand activation guidebook to help you bring your new brand to life, internally and externally.


Reveal your brand’s truth.

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As a woman-owned-and-operated business, House of Who is proud to help other women find brand success beyond their wildest dreams. Seriously. Call us.