It started, as so many projects do, with a Slack channel…

Screen Shot 2019-03-26 at 4.28.24 PM.png

No, that’s not quite true.

It goes back further than that…

It started with a truth. We are a brand agency made up of artist professionals - that is, we all are creative in some capacity outside of the work we do for our amazing clients.

And though we create together all the time when working on naming and branding projects, it was important for us to create something together that was totally separate from strategy, ROI, or even logic.

So it started with a truth that turned into a notion that - thank goodness - was turned into a budget.

A budget that would allow the whole team to come together for one day and get PAID to make art.

That’s when the Slack channel happened.

Whitney (our lead writer) and Ciana (our managing director and lead strategist) started lighting up the channel with lists of ideas, from developing a mock brand that shows everything NOT to do in branding, to a music video with a lot of gold lamé, to gifs like this:

The two talked back and forth in Slack for HOURS on a Friday night, (gotta love that passion!) with little interjection from the rest of the team until they got to one idea: The Passion of Bill Murray.

Bill Murray isn’t just a famous guy who likes to surprise people, he’s actually our graphic designer! Or, at the very least, they share a name.

Screen Shot 2019-03-26 at 2.57.20 PM.png


(Looking sharp, Bill!)

The conversation continued…

Whitney (7:36pm): Could we film a super mini movie of him? Shot on one of our phones?

Him lying in the dirt, with a voice over. Wearing a cactus hat. Giving reverence to the sky in a silent dance like a desert spirit…

The voice over could be Kerri (our content strategist) speaking a poem of sorts in very low and deliberate voice.

We'll film it in Palm springs! Near palm trees. Maybe a shot of him in the dirt covered with date fronds.

Ciana (7:41 pm): YES I think this is it! and +1 to Kerri doing VO. Her voice should be the voice inside all of our heads…

And everyone was a little shocked and excited and apparently, game!

Bill accepted the challenge of being a star, Kerri improvised a wild voiceover and the team had a meeting to see who could cover what prop to make this film happen in one day.



And here it is: (FAQ and credits below the video)


Bill Murray played by Bill Murray

Lead Siren played by Ciana Wilson

Desert Mother Siren played by Robin Puro

Sidekick Sirens played by Shannon DeJong and Kerri Lowe

Direction, Cinematography, Editing and Voiceover by Kerri Lowe

Assistant Cinematography and Set Management by Liz Rhoades

Assistant Cinematography by Shannon DeJong and

Production Assistance by Whitney Allison

Location Scouting by Robin Puro

Ideation Flame Fanning by Ciana Wilson

Special thanks to - Jon Stancato, the Photos app by Apple for saving the day.


What does it all mean?!?

We invite you to decide for yourself!

Aren’t you scared to show something so…strange?

Yep! It’s a little scary to show off our wild side. But we’re in the game of self-actualizing through expression…so, ya know. Gotta take some risks!

Do you do this kind of work for clients?

If you’re game to get weird, we’re game to go there for your brand. Let’s talk.

I’m a business owner and I’d love for my team to do something unique like this at our retreat. How do I make it happen??

It starts with a lot of trust between team members, a lot of freedom and a budget! If your team has the desire to make art together, float the idea, see if you get a big YES PLEASE with wild sparkly eyes and give them some $ to play with. See what happens!

We had a blast getting weird in the desert last December. Who knows what we’ll come up with this year?

- The House of Who Team

House of Who, Inc