Send Your Brand On Vacation


Send your brand on vacation:

6 Imaginary Trips For Your Company

(And the Underlying Meaning Behind Them)


We’re nearing the end of summer and if you haven’t taken one already, you’re probably jonesing for a vacation. You already know what’s on your bucket list, but we’re here to talk about your brand’s dreams and goals. So, if you could send your company on vacation, where would it go and what would it do?

(Just to clarify. Not the people that work at your company — we’re talking about the brand/business itself. Yep, let's go there.)

What travel experience is your brand desperately wishing for? After all, brands are living, breathing creatures with personalities that change over time. Brands can flourish, but they can also stagnate.

As people, we choose to go on vacation to experience things we might lack in everyday life, like relaxation or adventure. And these experiences can change us and shape how we show up in the world. What metaphorical vacation does your brand need in order to bring its best self to your people?

Take a look through these six potential travel experiences and consider which one your company needs right now (or make up your own!)



#1: Bring Back Your Office Magic by exploring Sacred Ruins in South America

The office is getting totally stale. You want something that will take your breath away and most likely have you working up a sweat. (Think climbing a dozen flights of stone Inca stairs at sunrise.) Inspire a different way of working in your company by experiencing the wonder and awe of what humans built in honor of and alongside their environment.

How you can bring this vacation into your office: Try lunch outdoors, hiring a meditation teacher, or starting a screen-free weekends policy. Imagine what a taste of the ancient and sacred might spark!



#2: Gain New Perspective with a Culture Immersion Program in china

You’re seeking knowledge. A new experience. What it feels like to be a beginner with eyes wide open and mind slightly boggled. Senses on high alert and humbled. This might mean you’re wanting to branch into new markets, understand how you can serve new audiences, or are just sick of being the expert in your industry.

How you can bring this vacation into your office: Consider letting your company or department get schooled on a topic you know nothing about but has sparked your interest. You might just find a new avenue for growth.



#3: Spark Your Do-Good Initiatives By Volunteering in Africa

You want to do good in the world and go on a vacation—but not a guilt trip. Doing the research to find a truly long-term beneficial volunteer program abroad is no easy feat, but intention plus aware action counts. Spend your days building a community center or educating developing entrepreneurs on implementing a business plan. Spend your evenings in the village community, watching and learning from them.

How you can bring this vacation into your office: Consider adding a philanthropic aspect to your brand, go green in your purchases and policies, or simply highlight more of the social issues you see (and smart solutions) on your social media accounts.



#4: Remember the people who make it happen By Working a Harvest in Bordeaux

Go back to the earth and get your hands dirty. Your brand is seeking out the feeling of gratitude that can only come from the knowledge of how much time and care goes into the products you take for granted. Return with a stronger connection to the ecosystem of commerce all around you.

How you can bring this vacation into your office: Consider community partnerships, making friends with sister companies, or creating content that celebrates the folks on your team that never get the spotlight, but are totally essential.



#5: Let Off Steam at a Really Big Party in Spain

You’re ready to lighten up and let loose. Forget being “reasonable” and submit yourself (er, your business) to the energies of untamed indulgence. Get lost in the pushy crowd, dress up in a costume, and have one too many. What wins can you celebrate? What past losses or blows is it time to let go of?

How you can bring this vacation into your office: Consider throwing a party for your team to reinforce their hard work, big wins, and to release any failures or resentments that are keeping you from enjoying what’s happening right now and thinking expansively toward the future.



#6: Restore Your Sanity On An F*ing Deserted Island....Anywhere

Sand. Palm trees. Beach towel. And absolutely NO ONE around. Sounds like your biz needs a perspective shift and a break. Stepping back from your initiatives can bring insight and clarity. If something isn’t working, find the courage to make a change — after you’ve taken some time off to see if it’s just a case of normal work overload, or something deeper needs to be addressed.

How you can bring this vacation into your office: Don’t just make vacation “unlimited” - make it mandatory. (Yourself included!) Burnout is so 2017.



We hope you enjoyed this mind trip! Any insights? Alternate vacation locales?

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