Mystery in Milwaukee

In early June, House of Who traveled to the Midwest to complete an exciting audio storytelling project for the Milwaukee Art Museum.


European Art Curator, Tanya Paul (pictured above) recently completed an investigation into the attribution of a painting that had languished in the archives for decades. Once attributed to the famous British landscape painter, John Constable, she suspected that the painting's author was someone else. House of Who came in to record interviews about the process of uncovering the truth and turned it into a three part audio series.

Part One - Solving a Mystery in Art History is now available on


Bite-Size Case Study:

Client: Milwaukee Art Museum

Challenge: Tell an engaging story in audio format to coincide with Milwaukee Art Museum’s upcoming exhibition, Constable? A Landscape Rediscovered, which explores the process of reattributing a painting.

How we solved it: Two team members traveled to Milwaukee to experience the atmosphere of the museum firsthand and interview the key players in the investigation of the painting. Mixing field recording, official interviews, and our own narration, House of Who composed a 3-part series that built suspense and offered a final reveal of the museum’s discoveries that can be shared within the museum and online. 

Deliverables: 3-part podcast. Conducted and recorded audio interviews on site, developed script from the material, recorded narration and sourced music to license. Listen in here!

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