Travel We Love

Several members of the House of Who team wanted to share their favorite travel moments this year - the curiosities, excitements and obsessions that reveal something about their personalities on and off the clock!



Minneapolis, Minnesota

“It’s funny how we on the coasts think of the Midwest as more Podunk or less sophisticated, or somehow not as hip as we are. I found this quite the opposite. Went to several art museums that were just magnificent, and I left feeling reborn. There was plenty of public and street art to be found, paired with good coffee, good food, and any of the “urban necessities“ we San Francisco or Brooklynites might long for. But it was all couched in a Midwestern friendliness, energy that was more accepting and laid-back than our coastal cousins, and a general sense of… Good wholesome fun. What more can you want for a long weekend vacation?"

- Shannon DeJong, Founder & CEO


Czech Republic

"The coolest thing about going new places is discovering concepts you never even knew existed. The photos above are from Kutná Hora (formally known as the Sedlec Ossuary) in the Czech Republic. It's an "ossuary" (aka "bone church"). Creepy, yes—but also beautiful! This space represents some very specific ideas and thought processes sprung from mindsets that are now hundreds of years old. I love not just witnessing beautiful and historical places, but also catching a glimpse of the completely different way humans exercised thought processes in the past. The world is a big and fascinating place, but the world throughout time is infinitely moreso!"

- Ciana Wilson, Managing Director




Chamonix Valley, France

Rock climbing internationally is the double whammy winner for me. I’m reminded that my mind must focus like an accordion (big! small! big! small!) in order to succeed. I need to be hyper aware of the minutia of the 5 square feet of rock immediately in front me, but I’ve got to remain mindful of the fact that I have another 1,000 feet of this to go. If I lose sight of the big vision, I’ll fail. If I lose sight of the challenge that’s right in front of my face, I’ll also fail. Imitating a flexible accordion - open to navigating unfamiliar terrain/languages/customs while keeping an eye on both the big and small pictures - is my favorite way to travel. The challenges never stop, but then neither do the rewards that always follow.

- Robin Puro, Finance Director


Costa Rica

“My favorite travel experiences are when I come upon a scenario that wakes up the adventurous kid in me. Like needing to swim against the current in a river in Costa Rica so I can sit behind the waterfall. This photo is me contemplating doing just that (and succeeding about 5 minutes later)!”

- Kerri Lowe, Content Strategist




Williamstown, Massachusetts

I spent some time in Williamstown, MA where I worked as an apprentice in the Williamstown Theatre Festival nearly 10 years ago. It was so lovely to come back as a playwright and attend an opening night with my new agent. I ended up befriending some apprentices who asked me for wisdom, reminisced while walking past a little path where I received my first "we like your play" email, wrote at what has been my longtime favorite spot to write (a specific table in the outdoor seating area of Williamstown's Tunnel City), and accidentally slipped on the recently painted (and still wet) traffic lines at the center of town, tracking foot prints and leaving my literal mark on Williamstown.

- Maya Macdonald, Social Media

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