How Brands Are Built Podcast

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Shannon DeJong, founder and owner of branding agency House of Who, talks about the philosophy, strategy and art that go into a successful rebrand, and why rebranding her own company was the most difficult job she's taken.

"Brand truth is the very simple idea that one, you don't have to be fake in order to succeed. And two, your truth is going to be your most valuable asset. I think that the branding industry and the marketing industry is often known for putting layers on and making things shiny and beautiful and glossy, and there is a time and a place for that. I'm most interested in peeling the layers back and getting to the heart of what is essential. And if you are a business and a brand, there's something truthful about your product, your offering, your culture, and the essence of who you are, and that is going to be your sweet spot. Especially now with the way the world is going - people want realness. People want to be able to connect with a brand and its truth, in all of its glory, want it to be whole."

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