Favorite Fools

The Truth-Tellers, Jesters and Wise Ones we love.

(List of brands below the images!)



RxBar shows you what's on the inside on the outside of their label. A very Truth-Teller Fool move.



Mailchimp isn't afraid to get playful. They sometimes delight customers with figurines of their signature chimp and our content strategist was super pleased when she was gifted a pair of bright pink Mailchimp socks!



Seventh Generation makes plant-based products for the home. Their collaboration with comedian Maya Rudolph on their homepage video is Foolishly fun (& wise).

* Image credits, L to R: Rider-Waite Tarot Deck, The Tarot Lovers Deck by Karyn Easton, Lukumi Tarot by Caelum Rainieri, Ivory Andersen, Raphael Montoliu

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