Awake, Alert, Alive: Finding Myself Inspired Again

Spring is birthday season for this ArtistCEO, and just like the flowers and bamboo shoots springing up in my well cared for garden (it’s become a bit of an obsession this last year…) so has my excitement about what we’re up to at House of Who.

Feeling spunky after being on a panel at the BE Conference by Wrap Women at SXSW.

Feeling spunky after being on a panel at the BE Conference by Wrap Women at SXSW.

When my team asked me to write about The Fool archetype this month, I couldn’t help but laugh as I related to The Fool’s spectrum of experience. From bravado to inquisitiveness to wisdom, starting a business might just be a Fool's errand. 

Forging confidently ahead with a vision, you don’t know the obstacles you will face. You gather merry compatriots around you and resolve to create a new kind of work, with brands built around truth! That was how House of Who got started, anyhow.

When I think of The Fool archetype and it’s iconic depictions, I imagine my team as strange creatures, a band of creative professionals who juggle smart strategy, artistic inspiration and brand truth as we journey through the forest of modern living, collaborating with one another and our clients.

I like this image because, even if we literally deliver most of our work on Google Presentations and video Hangouts, it captures the energy of exploring together.

There’s an awake - alert -aliveness that I associate with new ideas, new team members, new spins around the sun, and the wisdom of the Sacred Fool.

For the Sacred Fool is not merely silly or there to outsmart someone. The Sacred Fool sees and speaks the truth without fear of consequence. The Sacred Fool laughs and enjoys the moment because they know that it is all there is. The Sacred Fool is improvisational and inspired.

The best naming and design, of course, comes from playful freedom after all of the strategic thinking has been done. It doesn’t happen simultaneously. The strategy and parameters lay the foundation upon which the fool can dance and express their insightful ideas. (Then we test it against legal!)

When work gets too serious...too stressful...when we forget the joys of insightful inspiration, (which simply can’t occur in that state) at House of Who we remember the Fool. We make a joke at the expense of our own egos, get outside for some fresh air, watch a silly meme or two - whatever it takes to feel refreshed and free - and get back to working, Foolishly. 


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