Purple Sky: The Essence You Can't See Alone

purple castle (1).jpg

Real talk: we edited this photo to appear purple in the sky instead of blue to match our brand colors. Then, we needed to write a caption, which meant we needed something wise or funny or insightful to say. So naturally, we Googled “Purple Sky.”

And amidst some very expected purple rain jokes, we came upon something more surprising...a recent news story from Florida when the sky turned purple after Hurricane Michael.

Meteorologist Lauren Rautenkranz explained that the color violet is naturally a part of the sky, but we rarely see it because blue wins out when it comes to the limitations of our eyes. On a normal day, blue and violet light gets scattered in every direction. We more often see blue because it has a slightly longer wavelength than violet.

But after the hurricane, the air was super-saturated, dew points were in the mid and upper 70s, the sun was setting and the clouds were low to the ground. Something about this combination of factors allowed the violet that is always there but undetectable, to come through and be perceived by humans who were awed by the experience.

Naturally, we connect this to your brand identity and our concept of #brandtruth - which is the philosophy that your branding should emerge from the truth of your company rather than fashioning artifice based on trends.

We observe the difficult of perceiving yourself clearly all the time. Companies and individuals bring in professionals like us for their branding to help them witness the truth that they cannot see. In other words, your eyes may be so close to your purple that the hue doesn’t even register. You see only blue. But bring in someone who can see you more clearly, and the purple is an unmissable and essential part of your brand.

It’s a shame to miss out on your purple, because embodying your truth and expressing it to your perfect customers brings profit & pleasure that can’t be matched if your branding misses your true essence.

You should never be embarrassed that you can’t see your truth clearly internally. Find people you trust to witness you and create the conditions that let clarity, awe and wonder emerge naturally. It’s all there. We promise.

House of Who, Inc