Letter from the ArtistCEO

Confession time: I can be a real bitch. I am at times unreasonable in my expectations. I'm disorganized. And vain. And chronically late.

Redemption time: I get shit done. I produce quality work. I'm creative. And presentable. And ambitious with time.

Okay. So we all know that every thorn comes attached to a rose. We hear a lot these days about "shadow sides" and "silver linings" and "opposite sides of the same coin."

But to go beyond hypothetical acknowledgement of the flip (bad?) side to explore, accept, and maybe even admire it is...less common.

This is precisely what we must do, however, if we want to live from wholeness and truth. You’re gambling with half a self and twice a lie to pretend there is no underbelly to who we are or what we create. There is always a below. Otherwise, there can be no above.

Let those of us in branding not think this relationship of opposites is only applicable to personal development or Zen philosophies; It's a universal principle of identity, including a branded one.

A brand (and its guardians) must be willing to go deep and dark into every corner, every shadowy side, every icky self truth. Becoming intimate with our brand underbelly allows us to become conscious of our brand gifts. And as long as we're trying to play the game of "brand perfection," we'll never fully actualize the power of our brand.

In short: you must understand your brand's dark side if you want to wield its Force.

Luke: you are your own father.

Like the state of the world that’s becoming visible to all of us in the political and cultural moment, sometimes revealing the previously submerged picture is startling, or even painful. But it's a necessary process of arriving into completion.

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