A Brand Agency With a Branding Iron*

(*No animals were harmed in the making of this brand.)


Launching the House of Who Brand

Logo. Colors. Font. Messaging.

These are some of the most obvious after-effects of the branding process.

A process we’ve been through with client after client, taking them from confusion to clarity around who they are, what they do, and why it matters - and then expressing that beautifully.

What we hadn’t done before 2017 - was brand ourselves.

(When it comes to the branding of brand agencies, it’s often a cobbler’s-son-no-shoes situation. And that’s fine for the folks who want to let their work speak for itself. We, on the other hand, are obsessed with brand. How could we resist building one of our own?)

But branding yourself is a challenge. Feeling too close to the company, unable to get perspective, it really matters a lot these decisions you’re making!

So we took ourselves through our own client process, from strategy, to brand platform, to brand expression - making sure every component was carefully crafted along the way.

The result of over a year’s work is what you see reflected in the new House of Who, Inc. Website, print collateral, and social media.

How does the brand feel to you? We could tell you what we think, but that might ruin the fun! Branding tip: Not everything you discover about your brand during the process goes external ;)

And no, we don’t actually have a branding iron per se, (searing cattle hide is decidedly not on-brand for us) but we do have a metal stamp of our logo used for branding handmade mugs (crafted by our CFO Robin Puro). Here’s a peek! 

Shout out to Berkeley Art Center for hosting our brand launch event and to the wonderful clients who celebrated with us.

Who_Retreat_2017-2-13 (1).jpg

PS - Want one of the House of Who sweatshirts in the photo above (you've gotta see the back...) check them out in our store.

House of Who, Inc