Here’s a clip from Shannon, House of Who’s CEO, about how she knows what projects to pursue, we'll call it EXCITEMENT:

“It’s the kind of excitement that reminds you who you are. That reminds you why you live. That makes you feel like something other than you has come down and given you a road sign, or maybe a neon sign right in the middle of your face that says, “YES. THIS.”

When you know that you will have boundless energy for this project because that’s what it’s going to take because there will come a time when you hit the dip and you will be exhausted and bored out of your mind and the last thing you want to do is that little thing that’s necessary. I get it. I get that you have to follow where the energy is because it’s going to require that and you must, Must, MUST find things that are practical but also inspire you. Cause otherwise what the hell? And so I got really excited. I got excited about a podcast that talked about the process of being a CEO and an artist."

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Did you know we released a podcast this year? Season 1 of ArtistCEO is live in iTunes, Stitcher, and wherever you get your podcasts. 

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