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CHALLENGE: Brand Workshop & PR Package

How do you make a  product—and a proprietor—stand out in one of the most crowded and competitive industries in California?


How We Solved It

In the wine industry, uniqueness is never the problem; it’s standing out from amongst the many, many options that’s the challenge. Alice Sutro knew she had a story—and a product—like none other. But finding the time to articulate and craft her message proved difficult amidst the myriad tasks of owning and operating her vineyard. House of Who created a tightly packed 4-hour workshop to address her most pressing issues of identity in the shortest-possible amount of time. Alice and House of Who co-created an essential brand platform, crystalizing the essence of everything SUTRO Wines stood for. Together, we landed on a highly resonant core idea that allowed us to leave the workshop with enough information to create an effective PR Package. With a refined story to tell about herself and her company, Alice Sutro received the essentials she needed to stand out from her peers as ““The Woman Artist Cab Maker of Alexander Valley.”


What We Delivered

  • Brand Workshop

  • Brand Boilerplate

  • Brand Messaging

  • Brand Story

  • Personas

Discover the truth of your brand.

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