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CHALLENGE: Look and Feel, Copywriting, & Front-End Web Design

For a small yet mighty telecom deployment logistics organization, how do you communicate your highest order value to big-name potential clients while still retaining your sense of authenticity and “roots”?


How We Solved It

After successful strategy and naming exercises, Stonecrop gave us free reign to create a look and feel for them that we could turn into a website. With just the right amount of client-agency alignment, we created a messaging hierarchy, content strategy, and IA that allowed us to nimbly apply our recommended look and feel to a website. We did a “big reveal” of the website, much to the client’s delight—and they went live with our work within just a few weeks of seeing it for the first time.


What We Delivered

  • Brand Strategy

  • Naming

  • Competitor Audit 

  • Look and Feel

  • Marketing Campaign

  • Content Strategy

  • IA

  • Copywriting

Reveal your brand’s truth.

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