Client: Onduo, LLC

Challenge: Branding a joint-venture diabetic healthcare startup from two major patent brands in a short timeline + developing full brand strategy and design.

How We Solved It: Taking into consideration the needs of the two parent companies that own this brand plus the sensitive subject matter of their industry, we fleshed out a brand name, design and splash page that reflects the core values of the company: partnership, integrity, impact, understanding, and simplicity.

Deliverables: Naming, Strategy, & Identity Design. The final name for the new brand is Onduo, a name that easily conveys togetherness, partnership and the comfort of friendly support.




Client: SDL

Challenge: Discover a simple, human, and resonant brand position for a highly technical translation and content management company with over 20 years of brand equity.

How We Solved It: We took a deep dive into the complex offerings and history of SDL to locate the powerful story the brand was living, but not communicating, so SDL could communicate its emotional value along with its technical prowess.

Deliverables: Full brand strategy, brand identity, brand architecture and nomenclature, brand voice workshop, and ongoing strategy and verbal consultation including speech writing and whitepapers.




Client: Google, Project “Chip”

Challenge: Naming a premium quality, consumer-facing computer processing chip designed for Google Chromebooks to compete against other manufacturer’s high-performance chips and to be differentiated from Google’s lower and mid-range chips.

How We Solved It: Combining functionality with creativity, we developed a name that can live in two spaces at once: descriptively conveying its function and ranking to users yet also feeling friendly and ‘Googley.’

Deliverables: Naming architecture exploration resulting in the name “OP, “  which stands for Optimized Processor. It’s functionally descriptive (a superior optimized processing chip) yet cute and memorable.


Milwaukee Art Museum: PODCAST


Client: Milwaukee Art Museum

Challenge: Tell an engaging story in audio format to coincide with Milwaukee Art Museum’s upcoming exhibition, Constable? A Landscape Rediscovered, which explores the process of reattributing a painting.

How we solved it: Two team members traveled to Milwaukee to experience the atmosphere of the museum firsthand and interview the key players in the investigation of the painting. Mixing field recording, official interviews, and our own narration, House of Who composed a 3-part series that built suspense and offered a final reveal of the museum’s discoveries that can be shared within the museum and online. 

Deliverables: 3-part podcast. Listen in here!