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Full time/salaried, with option to start contracted/part time if desired.

Welcome to House of Who: a small & sassy, big-hearted, wildly creative, truth-seeking, excellence-thirsty, self-actualizing band of creatives. We’re a boutique agency and brand arthouse looking for a teammate to plug in, belt up, and blast off with us.

Specifically, we are looking for a rockstar Right Hand wo/man to directly support the FounderCEO, and at times the Managing Director and team, with a myriad of administrative, scheduling, production and business-growth tasks in our fast-paced, highly creative brand agency and arthouse.

The ideal candidate will be experienced in handling a wide range of administrative tasks. This person will have impeccable communication and problem-solving skills, being able to juggle multiple tasks and personalities with focus and ease. The job will be a combination of on-site and remote, with flexibility. Pay rate commensurate with experience, $40,000-$60,000 annual salary.

Come be your most shiny-kickass self for a creatively & visionary team.


  • Professional EA/Admin—not looking to change careers in the next 2+ years

  • 3+ years experience as an EA/Admin or directly-relevant experience

  • Ideally BA from anywhere; AA okay for the right candidate

  • Currently Local to Bay Area


  • Self-starting: candidate is proactive—able to anticipate needs before they arise

  • Problem-solving: candidate completes due diligence before asking for help

  • Communicative: willing to voice concerns or questions when needed

  • Strong speaking & writing: full command of English, orally and in written form

  • Organization: able to take lots of information and ideas and create structure

  • Decisive: major decision-making skills; able to thrive in complex settings

  • Technologically adept: Proficiency with Google Docs, GSuite, MS Office, video conferencing; must be fluent with mobile and desktop devices; ideally also familiar with platforms like Squarespace, Hubspot, and social media

  • Calendaring and time management experience: able to monitor email, schedule events in real-time, always with practical considerations in mind (drive time, etc.)

  • Travel planning experience: has previous experience booking flights, hotels aka master of Travel planning = managing a calendar for a sane and happy workday :)


  • Flexible—comfortable with last-minute changes; as excited to do one-off admin task like scheduling an appointment as you are to managing a multi-tier project

  • Positive—has an optimistic outlook, can-do attitude & sense of humor

  • Detail oriented, Diligent—assures work is “just so;” makes sure job is done right

  • Structured—excellent time management skills, ability to multi-task and prioritize work; strong organizational and planning skills

  • Self-Aware—conscious of how actions and behaviors affect others

  • Open-Minded—willing to consider new ideas and learn new information

  • Social—easily forms positive connections with others, ability to collaborate with people across different departments, cultures, industries

  • Responsive—alert and quick to action, adapt priorities as necessary

  • Creative—independent thinker with a unique point of view

  • Intrepid—willing to roll up sleeves and try something new

  • People savvy—Perceptive, be able to engage a team, command respect

  • Critical thinker—You are able to take large amounts of information and make sense it, creating action items, timelines and dependencies when needed.

  • Confident—you present well, and can own the room when called upon… and you also know when to let other people shine.


  • All-around Right Hand Wo/man: Support Owner/CEO in organizing, brainstorming, communications, productivity, helping pioneer a new corner of the business... or anything that might pop into her head.

  • Rallying point: Act as a center hub for the entire team and culture-creator.

  • Scheduling: Organize office operations; CEO and light team calendar management; Business development meetings; Personal & Work Appointments

  • Writing & communications: Editing, proofing, Composing emails & basic communications for CEO and to the team, Dictation and type-ups, Thank you cards, letters, client gifts, basic CRM

  • Mail: Sorting, check deposit, prioritizing, out-going & shipping etc.

  • Internal Project Management: Be a sounding board for executive team, distill projects, track a variety of projects, problem-solving along the way and making sure they get done on time

  • General errands and purchases: for CEO, MD, and office

  • Research & Improvements: conduct research upon request, trend-watch, and propose recommendations to improve business processes


Please submit resume AND introductory letter AND references + any other materials you think would help us get a good sense of who you are and what capabilities you bring to ea[at]houseofwho.com, or contact us here.

Also find us:

@house.of.who (IG)

facebook.com/houseofwho (FB)

More about our Founder:

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