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When it comes to choosing a name for a brand that’s all about communication, a simple word can speak volumes.


How We Solved It

The established brand, ValueClick, required a rebrand to go head-to-head with Yahoo! Marketing and Advertising offerings. They needed a sophisticated, professional name that could encompass their entire portfolio of digital and mobile marketing companies and that would speak to marketing and brand leaders while avoiding “big brother” implications. The creative challenge for House of Who was to find a name that met these objectives—one that was technically descriptive enough to translate its offerings to its clients, while friendly enough in tone to support their human-centric communication values. After thorough exploration, we landed on Conversant, a name that suggests fluency, ease, and friendliness.


What We Delivered

  • Light creative strategy 

  • Naming exploration

  • Full name list

Reveal your brand’s truth.

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