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Process & Capabilities


Revealing Your Depths

The House of Who process is a deep dive into your brand identity. It’s not about concealing; it’s about revealing. We’re skilled at jumping right in, uncovering raw and valuable truths, and bringing back answers to the branding questions you couldn't solve on your own.

PHASE ONE: Listen & Research

From the moment we hop on a scoping call, we’re tuning in to clues that help us get to know who you really are. In this phase, we hold in-depth conversations and interviews, scour background documents, conduct research, and guide you through our proprietary Discovery Doc so we get to know your brand inside and out.

PHASE TWO: Revelation

In every brand project, there’s an a-ha moment; we keep diving down until we reach it. Our full process involves multiple rounds of strategic and creative work to allow for the lightning bolt to strike. A blend of intuition, analysis, creativity, and insight gives us the superpowers we need to see your true brand.

PHASE THREE: Refine & Express

Revelation is a process—we keep refining until we have a final product that shines. Tapping into trademark and linguistic searches, market research findings, and Mindhooping ™ (ask us), we fully envision your brand before revealing it to your team, your critical stakeholders, and your valued audience.


Brand Strategy

Every genius brand begins with rock solid strategy.

Before we get creative, we begin with strategy—every single time. Because the best brands rarely happen by chance—they require deep strategic roots to make the creative shine.

Brand Positioning

Brand Platform


Creative Strategy

Brand Architecture



How do you find just the right name?

Whip-smart strategy, radical creativity, and painstaking vetting —that’s how. With infinite possibilities and only a handful of viable names, we use strategy to narrow in on your brand. Once our guardrails are up, we explode with creativity like a colorful, confetti-filled balloon. We then run our wild creative through rigorous inspection to make sure it passes TM with flying colors.

Full Naming Process

Naming Sprints


Name Lists

Nomenclature Guidelines


Verbal Brand

Is your message getting lost in translation?

If you’re not clearly speaking your brand’s truths, your valuable customers won’t understand you. We craft compelling, truthful messaging so that your brand can be deeply heard—and felt—with crystal clarity and profound resonance.

Brand Voice

Brand Messaging

Verbal Guidelines

Content Strategy



Visual Brand

If your brand could dress itself…

Your brand’s appearance communicates so much without ever saying a word. Once we get to know the real you, we tailor your brand to visual perfection with the logo, colors, typography, and design system that will showcase your brilliant truth.

Visual Identity

Look + Feel 

Identity Guidelines

Print Collateral

Front-End Web Design


Who We Work With


Global Brands

We solve complex branding challenges for some of the world’s biggest organizations. From technology and communications to healthcare and entertainment, we strategically align brands toward their truths.


We partner with global branding agencies as seasoned co-creatives with full strategic, verbal, and visual brand services. You can think of us as the powerful spark that ignites any branding project, big or small.


What Gets Us Going

Cannabis Branding

We help cannabis brands carve out distinctive identities to successfully compete in a complex and increasingly crowded space.

Women-Led Businesses

As an agency founded and run by women, we love to help other women-owned-businesses nail their branding so they can rock even harder.

Nonprofit Branding

Nothing makes us happier than supporting organizations that give back. If you’ve got an important cause, we’ve got the time and the know-how.

Startup Branding

We rally behind business mavericks and aspiring go-getters with our scalable brand services so you can find your truth—and your edge.