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If naming were easy, you wouldn’t be here right now.


Sure, you could do it yourself. (But we’re here to help, too.)

Relax. We’ve got your back. 


When your new name really, really matters. We start with a comprehensive strategy, continue with a dive deep into creative, and finish focusing on team alignment to help you find the best answer. (One you and your stakeholders actually agree on.) After 3 rounds of creative and more possibilities than you can fathom, you’ll leave with one or more names that are strategically, creatively, legally, and commercially viable. Timing: 4-8 weeks. 


When you already have a strategy but are getting stuck on the naming part. We’ll work with you to make a creative brief for the naming process, and then do a deep exploration of 200+ names. Daily meetings, informal presentations, and collaboration allow us to arrive at the best answer in less time. You’ll get a shortlist of 3+ names to take through your legal counsel. Timing: 1-2 weeks.


Additional Services


Naming Consulting

Want to bounce some ideas off of experts? Looking for creative, strategy, or legal guidance through the naming process? Seeking a second opinion on your name? Talk to us.

Custom Projects

We’re more than happy to customize naming projects according to your exact needs. Take a look at all our branding and naming services to get a sense of what we offer.


Case Studies



Check out how we transformed the visual identity and messaging of this human potential research center into a destination for seekers of all ages.



See how we created a witty ad campaign to generate buzz and steer Milwaukee locals to the museum’s myriad summer events and educational programs.


How We Work

Here’s what to expect from your sprint with us.


We’ll schedule a chat, get all of the project background information, and send you a proposal and intake form. As soon as the digital ink is dry, we’ll hold an hourlong kickoff session to make introductions and ask questions. You’ll get a detailed project plan so you know what to expect and when. 


Depending on your project, we’ll either hold a workshop or work independently—or a little bit of both. We’ll be doing all the heavy lifting, but we’ll also ask you for any context we need to do the best-possible job. You’ll get regular project updates on the daily so you can see how the work is progressing. 


With all of your shiny new name candidates laid out for you, it’s time to pick the winners that you’ll run through your legal counsel. We’ll help you align your team and, if needed, prep you to socialize your top names with stakeholders. And once your names come back from legal, we’re here to help you make the final choice, too.


Ready to get naming?

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Still thinking of running your naming project by yourself? Seriously, give us a call. We’ll give you an honest assessment of how we can help, no pressure.