Are brand aphrodisiacs a thing?

When we say we want people to fall in love with your brand, are we talking about that kind of love? Does your brand sleep with your customers?

Yeah. We’re going there. 

Well crafted brands have the power to turn us on. To light us up from the inside. To make us glow.

We may not want to admit it, but we are magnetically drawn to brand images and messaging that evoke strong, personal feelings. That place where consumerism and our deepest, most tender selves meet—now that is what we’ll give likes, comments and—yes—even money for. There’s no shame in an emotional affair with your favorite brand love.

But what of all the dry, stale old brands on the outside looking in? What if your brand doesn’t know all of the right buttons to push? It’s never too late to learn the art of brand turn-ons.

That is, it’s not so much what brands say; it’s how they say it. Don’t tell us about your brand. Tantalize us. When copy, color, and content are explicitly evocative, good branding can stimulate our senses, stir our inner longings, and engender fierce loyalty like nothing else. We humans are linked together through our feelings, and smart brands know this. Mood matching isn’t just for struggling couples—it is intrinsic for anyone looking to grow their message in the marketplace.

This month, we explore this hypersensitive spot where life force and branding meet. For every fancy, there is a brand. For every unmet emotion, there is an opportunity. Connect your own brand to its core benefit, match this benefit to evocative content, and you begin to open up space for deeper intimacy with your coveted customers.


House of Who, Inc