Artist Dates

In our distracting world, we often don’t make art because making art necessitates ‘getting quiet’. Taking time. Being vulnerable.


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Why artist dates?

All people crave creation. This isn’t something that changes when our job title becomes CEO, President, Director, or so forth. What does change is the ability to hold space for our artist selves while also leading a business.

In this art experiment, I (Shannon) am offering the gift of personal creative space to high level, high achieving professionals whose creativity is most often spent on others. For a single short burst of time, I will hold the container of expression for others so they can simply show up, have fun, and play. By creating these micro-moments for others, I seek to uncover hidden artist selves, reveal valuable aspects of personal identity, and explore the untapped or underutilized artistic potential of some of the most powerful people in business.

As an art piece composed of snapshots of these micro moments, I also explore the possibility of making large-scale, high -impact art out of brief, tiny moments of self-stolen time from her otherwise hectic, professionally focused day.

What is an artist date?

What An Artist Date Consists Of:

  • 60-90 minute session over lunch

  • Shannon will lead you through some light exercises

  • You will be provided with art-making materials (pens, paints, pencils, markers, crayons, pastels, etc.) and an art square

    • You’re welcome to bring your own mark-making materials

  • You and Shannon will sit together filling out your respective squares with whatever inspires you

    • If you don’t want to create something visual, you can create something else!

What You Get:

  • Be part of one of the first-ever collaborative corporate art projects.

  • Find or revive your artist self

  • Consult with Shannon about anything you like. (But bear in mind, she will be focused on getting you in touch with your creativity!)

  • Get credited for your participation on, social media, and all subsequent showings of your art piece (optional, can remain anonymous if you prefer)

  • Keep your art square as a memento of the day.

What You Give:

  • An hour or so of your time and your permission to use a snapshot of your creation, your  name, and your company name online. If additional photographs are taken at the time of the event, you will be asked for permission to use the images online.

Interested in participating?

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