Artist Dates

A multimedia experiment exploring the artistic side of high-level business executives.

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What are artist dates?

Successful executives have to be creative by default, but their creativity is most often spent on others. Artist Dates are an opportunity for businesspeople—whether they identify as artists or not—to tap into deep creativity for themselves. Our theory: taking the time to make art isn’t just good for us as individuals. It’s also good for business.

How it works

Artist Dates look deceptively like lunch...with art supplies. We know that you’re busy, and that telling your team to schedule around your art session just ain’t gonna happen. You’ll spend an hour or so with the ArtistCEO herself, Shannon DeJong, shooting the breeze and creating whatever comes to mind: a drawing, collage, poem, or even a song. Nothing’s off limits. We’ll provide lunch and art supplies.

why we’re doing this

As an arthouse and brand agency, House of Who puts its money where its mouth is. Artist Dates are a featured project of our arthouse, which sponsors different creative projects year over year. When you sign up for an Artist Date, you get to revive your creative spirit—and keep the cool piece of art you make. And we snap a picture or recording of your creation to include online as part of our living art experiment.


Specializing in the craft of work-art balance, Shannon DeJong is a professional actor and the CEO of House of Who. Shannon is on a mission to inspire businesspeople and artists alike to live, work, and create from their whole selves. As the leader of House of Who’s Artist Date experiment, Shannon meets with executives from the Fortune 500 and beyond to make a statement about the value of integrating art and business.


All people crave creation. This isn’t something that changes when our job title becomes CEO, President, Director, or so forth. What does change is the ability to hold space for our creative selves while also leading a business.

By creating these micro-moments for others, Shannon seeks to uncover hidden artist selves, reveal valuable aspects of personal identity, and explore the untapped or underutilized artistic potential of some of the most powerful people in business.

As an art piece composed of snapshots of these micro moments, Shannon also explores the possibility of making large-scale, high-impact art out of brief, tiny moments of self-stolen time from her otherwise hectic, professionally focused day.

Some questions Shannon is exploring as part of Artist Dates:

  • What kind of hidden talent lives within the raw creative souls of the most powerful Silicon Valley professionals?

  • How to maximize time in the day dedicated to “making art” (or any other intended project) that lives outside of business?

  • How to “kill two birds with one stone” by accomplishing tasks that serve both personal, professional, and creative interests?

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